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ideas for bb


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I have a large bulletin board in the main hallway to do. I've run out of ideas. I would like to do something that would withstand all of the holidays and not have to do one until January. Any ideas?


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Bulletin Board

You could have a dark blue or black background. Snowflake border or something snowy. I spray my bulletin board paper with that spray snow. My title usually is "Walking in a Winter Wonderland". I do lessons such as mentioned earlier--snow, weather, penquins, other animals--animal tracks in the snow is really cute. Also, you could have mittens and use that theme. Hot chocolate ideas--mugs with a title that says "Our work is HOT STUFF!". You make a fake fireplace and hang stockings for Christmas and later use it for candles, etc...Also, make the bulletin board with the dark paper look like a window with snow outside....Hope this helps...


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A Blizzard of Good Work

You could do one featuring student work and you could simply change out the student work if you so desire.
You could title it...
A Blizzard of Good Work.



I did a fireplace for the holidays on our bulletin board. I hung stockings on it for Christmas and put Christmas candles on the mantle part of it. Then I also put ice skates, and mittens on it and that way I could leave it up until almost march. After Christmas I just took the stockings off but left the candles, ice skates and mittens up. It's great for the holidays and thereafter.