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ideas for RATIOS lesson



I need some good ideas for a fifth grade lesson on ratios. I am being evaluated on how I teach this lesson, and I need some creative advice and how to incorporate manipulatives. Thanks.



To teach ratios my student and I play basketball. I create a chart with the following columns #of shoots , # of shoots made,# of shoots missed, ratio for made shoots,% made,ratio for missed shoots,%missed. Each student should receive a copy. To play the game each student is allowed to roll a die on their turn. The number rolled determines how many shoots they get to take. All students will copy the # in the #of shoots column. The student will then shoot the number of shoots rolled. The class will use tally marks to keep up with made and missed shoots. At the end of his round the students will write a ratio (made:total # of shoots) and (missed:total #of shoots). All students should get a turn ( I played the game over 2 days) To extend and incoporate technology I added the % column. In the end the students can use the calculator to determine who had the highest shooting percentage. The winner received a treat.

If you don't have a small basketball goal to put on the back of your door use a trash can with a clean bag of course and the kids could use a sponge like ball to shoot with. To make the game interesting I also made the students sit in a prepositioned chair to shoot.