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ideas for theme, open!

Social Studies 


New Member
this will be my first year teaching social studies. i'm also going to be teaching 2 sections of science, which i've taught before. (all 7th grade) i dont want to do a 'theme' but i do want something to make my room look cute and age appropriate. i want to make or buy things to put in my room that go with my social studies curriculum. we cover prehistory-renaissance. i'm planning on making the hallway outside my door look like the inside of a cave when we do cave drawings, and i want my door to look like the top of a sarcophagus. i have a komono i'm gona put on a maniquin when we talk about ancient asia and i'm hoping to have a sari for when we discuss ancient india. any ideas for cool things for my classroom would be great!


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WOW! Sounds great! Do you study Egypt, what about a sarcophagus? You could hang some of the some pictures/postcard of famous pictures from the renaissance period...or use them as a boarder on your BB (above and below).

What about finding fabric of a world map/globe for curtains or BB background?


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i'm planning on making my door look like the lid to a sarcophagus. my mom is extremely artistic and has been searching for a foam head to start the creation lol.