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ideas needed for math projects as 9 wks test


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We have been throwing around the idea of giving a project as a 9 weeks test in math. Our 9 weeks exams are the week after state tests. This would be an opportunity to actually use the knowledge they have. Only, I can't come up with any good ideas for the projects. I teach 6th, 7th, 8th, and pre-algebra. Anyone have any good ideas, please pass them this way. I would be very grateful.



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research idea

Have them do a research project on anything that involves using math in everyday life.

I think it would create a "direct link" between math and the real world.



I might be able to give you some ideas if I knew what topics the test would be covering...pre-algebra is a broad topic!


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i agree with m--pre-algebra is big---and is also considered to be different things by different people...

but one (or both) of these ideas might fall under....

this is the 3rd time i will have attached these projects, so apologies to those who have already seen:

i made 2 projects to end (or to substitute) for units on data analysis and geometry measurement--maybe these will work or will give you an idea.

you can also have your students make games (jeopardy style on computer or board game), create a PowerPoint to show what they've learned, create a test/with answers, write a song that includes all the rules you've studied---or let them choose from among these.
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Math project

Hey...I'm a grad student (with 2 years of experience). I am working on designing a "math fair." I found these lesson plans that are kinda neat and extensive. I only looked at one or two...the one I looked at was cryptology (a topic I was hoping to introduce to my students but had no idea how to do that!). You can access the lesson plans by topic. I was going to work on transferring them from lesson plans to a guided project for students to work on (more like a packet they'd work on, add on to with maybe some of their own exploration, and design a poster or something presenting their topic). At the very least it may give you some good ideas of how math meets up with the real world (I think cryptology is something that students might relate to if you start to talk to them about encoding credit card numbers while buying stuff on line). There are other topics like looking at how much it takes for medicine to leave your body. Anyhow...goodluck! Here's the website: