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Ideas needed


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My principal has asked that every teacher sponsor a club this year. I need ideas for a club that will be fun and simple to implement. I am assuming that she will buy needed material for the club.

Garden Gal

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My first choice would be Board and card games. Other ideas yoga for kids, STEAM challenges, or knitting. Good luck, let us know how it goes.


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AR club

If you have AR at your school you could start a club. You could meet at lunch too which would save more outside time. Beside discussing books at lunch the club could also play a role in reading nights, read-a-thons, Dr. Seuss week , book fairs etc. . .

Renaissance Place has a great data engine for monitoring and tracking.

Book buddies is also great .


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I am a teaching assistant at my current school and was encouraged by my principal to apply for a stipend position to work with a club.

There was an opening for a Newspaper Club sponsor that I applied for because I minored in journalism and worked as a journalist for a few years before becoming a music teacher.

One of the new English teachers was picked over me for that which is perfectly understandable. I then was offered to be an assistant for the Scholastic Bowl.

We also have a broadcasting club, a gardening club, and an art club. They were also looking for someone for a sewing club.


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Like Garden Gal suggested, we had a teacher sponsor a board game club. It had to be super easy! I think kids would benefit from games outside of video games/screen time. One that wouldn't be quite as easy, but still doable, would be a service club.


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What about a

Journaling Club? They could always write anything they wish. Or each meeting could include three prompts if they need suggestions. Once a month they could share something they wrote by reading it aloud to the club members. Or they could choose just to listen. On occasion you could allow them to make drawings to go with anything they have journaled in the past. Have a poetry day. Have a day when you turn the journal upside down and write. Write while listening to different kinds of music. Go outside and write. Use picture prompts for inspiration one meeting. Read them a short picture book and have them respond to the story. Have a write with jell pens day. Just write!:D


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A community Service Club could be done with kids. Cleaning park areas,working in animal shelters,making blankets for animal shelters,set up a small business to benefit an animal or children's foundation...


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Club ideas

A teacher at my school had a “Sunshine Club”. Her students would make little cards or thoughtful crafts for the teachers and staff throughout the year. We would sometimes have things delivered and other times we’d find a little note/card with a Hershey kiss or peppermint or the like. It was easy, encouraged thoughtfulness and gratefulness within a younger generation, and was relatively simple for the teacher to oversee. Also as a fellow teacher I enjoyed the acts of kindness…..

Another idea there’s a “Random Acts of Kindness” website with ideas, etc

I also agree with a PP: board games were really popular with our students (I taught 3rd). My partner teacher led that club during enrichment time. Teaches patience, strategy, teamwork, etc

Another: I oversaw a “Movie Critic” club for middle school (6-8). Each week we watched a movie (usually over 2 mtgs) and then they needed to write a review. I gave examples, format, etc but mostly let the kids lead it. We had some discussion about both the movie but also what is a critique. It was fun. We also sometimes ate “movie snacks” (popcorn,etc). FYI: Because it was a club I definitely was lax on the academic side of things.

Teach 5

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What grade level/levels will be in the club?
I did a book club for primary grades. We read fun picture books and then did a project based on the book. It was usually an art/craft project but we also did a cooking project and some outdoor projects.
I think board game club is the easiest club with the least prep.
We had a reader’s theater club, knitting, robotics, yoga, cooking, legos, outdoor play, crafts, math, STEM, etc.


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Someone here shared a about a group that writes cards to seniors in nursing homes. She and her son Tom do it. It would make a great club for school. I can’t remember the member’s name or the organization but maybe someone else will.


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Letters Against Isolation is an organization that organizes homemade cards that are sent directly to nursing homes and other senior citizen residences.


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I was going to suggest a Kindness Club similar to pp.

In addition to outside places, your club could work to spread kindness, cheer, and positivity around your school.


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Letters Against Isolation is an organization that organizes homemade cards that are sent direct

That’s it, Thank you!!!

I looked at their Facebook page and they have a lot of good ideas for what to write in the cards. It would be a great activity for a kindness club or a sunshine club.