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Ideas needed


Senior Member
I did a chess and checker club and a separate club for other board games. I had a packed house. Chess is wonderful for thinking and strategy. I personally think every child should at least be taught at least the basics.

Another great game club is a Scrabble Club. I used to teach it to my students in stages. Starting by playing without the board and then moving to using a board.

It is often easy to ask around and people have these board games sitting around their house and are willing to donate them.


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Depending on how long each club meeting time is, what about a fitness/wellness club?

Ideas for activities include:
-breathing/guided meditation
-healthy cooking-snacks, sweet treats (yogurt and fruit, healthier brownies with applesauce or banana instead of oil, etc.)
-walks outdoors
-outdoor scavenger hunts
-journaling/vision boards
-simple personal grooming: manicures (minus polish), making a moisturizer/lip balm with essential oils, etc.)