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I am looking for an engaging, interactive lesson on idioms for my third graders that will produce a nice bulletin board. I already searched the archive.... any more ideas out there?


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The books by Fred Gwenyth are perfect for teaching idioms. After using some for modeling, (I used this new projector we have in our library) you can give a pair of kids one out of the book to illustrate then put their illustration next to the copied page out of the book. Some of the ones out of the books are perfect for having the kids use the dictionary to look up the words and find the meanings. That way you are using the books for two lessons. The kids really like it!


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idom idea

Iread my students Amelia Bedilia books to teach the term idom- now they know the word behind the humor in these books. Next I give each child a strip of paper that has an idiom on it. They glue this and an equally large blank box underneath the one with the idom. They glue this strip, they have to find out its real meaning for homework by interviewing parents,etc... The next day they write the real meaning in the blank box. I have also added a "flap" of paper over ther real meaning to make the bulletin board more interactive and interesting. After I hang everything up, we go out as a class and everyone tries to figure out (and get to check) he real meaning of their classmates' idoms. Simple but fun and effective!


I have a book of idioms, I think scholastic put it out. I read some of the idioms to them. I type some idioms up and cut them into strips. Students pick an idiom and then draw a picture of it. They glue the strip on the illustration and write the actual meaning on the bottom.