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If I Keep Reloading The Page...



Senior Member
My one class, the one that is SpEd heavy and larger than any other class, will magically reduce in size, right?
To be fair, we're doing a new schedule this year and it seems like it's complicated to schedule kids. It is certainly new and therefore there's a learning curve. I'm just slightly annoyed that one class seems needier than the others and has seven more students than the others. I am trying to remind myself that my first year at the school, this would have been my smallest class.

Ima Teacher

Senior Member
It’s worth a try. LOL

My SED class was always my biggest class. And it typically had SED and gifted. :confused: One year I had a class that was the same size as the others, but we had so many SED kids that the class was only SED and maybe 5 regular ed kids. :rolleyes:

Our schedule was always a bear because we just didn’t have enough SED staff to effectively split the kids any more.