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If I weren't a teacher I would be a ...


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It seems that everyone is feeling dragged down by this school year. I am tired and EVERYONE is working my last nerve. I want to know what you would be if you left teaching. I would be an antique appraiser or own antique business.


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It bothers me to see things misspelled, so I'd love to have a job of checking someone's work. Along those same lines, I'd love to be the person who types on the closed-caption. I love to type!


Strange but true

Before I began teaching, during college, I worked at the campus dinner theatre (building sets and making costumes)...so if I wasn't a teacher I think I would like to move to New York or Vegas to work on a live production show either building sets or making costumes. I miss the excitement and rush of opening night. I don't miss the drama though. If not that then a concert pianist, a novelist (working on my first one), or a full time quilter.


second choice careers

Dream jobs?

Editor for big publishing company in New York City

Financial planner in the Bahamas

High level cushy school administrator in Key West

Chef in fancy Paris restaurant

But on my really rough days (like today) I fantasize about being the copy girl at Kinko's.


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My dream job would be a fancy pastry chef

but I really wish I could be a mom and stay home with my baby.



I would love to be an editor for a newspaper or magazine!


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Have you ever seen Flip That House or Property Ladder? I'd like to buy older houses that need updating and sell for profit. I tried to talk my husband into doing one this summer, when I have 3 months to shop for fixtures and paint, but he's hesitant.

I'd also love to buy items at auctions and sell for profit, or just stay home.


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Whale/Dolphin trainer

I would LOVE to work at Sea World and get in the tanks with Shamoo or the dolphins! I've always been a swimmer and thought about marine biology when I was in high school but went with Ex. Ed instead.

Miss C

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good question!

I think I would be either
(1) a stay-at-home mom (which would be difficult at this point because I'm childless and hopelessly single!) ;)
(2) a writer
(3) secretary/receptionist (I do this during the summer, and it's a fun change!)
(4) actress (I'm quite the drama queen! :p )
Thanks for the fun Friday thought!

Mrs. O

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Book Store owner

I think my first favorite job would be an used book store owner or a librarian.

I would also like a job making things for teachers to use in the classroom. I do that all summer for myself and I love that time.


I would be

a lawyer
a singer
a novelist

not necessarily in that order.


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My former major was journalism, and I had experience writing news, as well as broadcasting, for the radio. I would like to do it again and see where it takes me...

I would also like to be a writer - I write dark, surrealistic poetry, and would love to write a book full of poems!


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Dream Job

Photographer, Book Store Employee/Owner, Stationary Store Employee/Owner, and with retirement within my reach...2-3 years, the prospects are looking better and better.

I've enjoyed reading what other teachers would like to try "when they grow up".



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Restaurant Owner/Manager

I would love to own or manage a restaurant...a nice "home cooked meal" place...maybe someday!!


career move? I think not.

I like to make really huge sandwiches out of anything I can find in the refrigerator late at night. So I guess I would work at Subway!


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my dream job

My dream jobs:

Celebrity chef with my own TV show (specializing in Asian fusion).

Restaurant critic!

Food magazine testing/writing/editing recipes.

A performer- singer at a jazz club or pianist in a piano lounge.

I'd also love to be a stay-at-home mom.


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Dream jobs

Other than teaching of course!

1. Own my own scrapbooking store, so I could scrapbook all day long and pay for my addicting hobby.

2. Chef - head type so someone else would chop everything and clean up after me.

3. Sign language translator

4. Caterer


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Travel agent

I would love to be paid to travel and see the whole world. So I wish I could be a travel agent, a tour guide, or a travel writer.

I also wish I could devote hours and hours to writing--preferably short stories. I have lots of stories started in my head and no time to get them on paper! I'd love the luxury of knowing how they all end! :)


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if I could do it all over

I would probably be a graphic artist. But I can't, so I'll settle for painting/drawing/photgraphy/designing type things on the side as much as possible. The travel job sounds cool Dawn. I thought it would be fun having Samantha Brown's job on HGTV. She's all over being treated great and getting paid for it all. Some people have all the fun.


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My dream job

I would love to own my own bakery/coffee shop/bookstore, since I love to read, drink coffee and bake.

Prior to becoming a teacher I worked in management and accounting/auditing. I loved looking for mistakes. So a job that would allow me to do some type of research would be great.

A tour guide at some historical place would be fun , since I love history and travel.

I would also love to create things for teachers. I love preparing and creating fun lessons.
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Dream Job

I would to be a food scienctist and design new ways to cook food faster and yet taste great.


Profesional poker player

Seriously -- I want to go on the world poker tour! I love playing texas hold'em and though I'm good I am not THAT good. I'd love to sit down at a table with 1 million in chips and go all in and win! Heck - you'd only have to win one tournament to make your lifetime earnings as a teacher!

Other ideas: Working with cats in a way that finds them good homes but not at a humane society when they put them to sleep. I couldnt handle that.

Small book store owner

Stay at home wife :)