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if you had three new computers in your room



Three new computers recently arrived in may classroom. I haven't thought through how I'll use them yet. Does anyone have any great ideas I should implement? I teach fourth grade. I've thought of www.bookadventure.com and finding vocabulary words (nouns) in Google. I also have adults type writing for my ld students so that the spelling doesn't detract from their finished piece. These typed copies also help them develop fluency in reading. That's not too imaginative, so I'd love to hear what others do. Thank you.


computer ideas

It is fairly easy to make and save templates. Do you have a tech ed person who could help you? I have a spelling template so that they can practice typing their words, and various other graphic organizer type templates for writing about books (the 5 W's, beginning-middle-end). Each student just clicks on the saved template, does their work, prints and then logs off without saving. I also put in some poetry templates that are mostly fill in the blank and then they also illustrate them. (For example, "Winter looks like..., Winter feels like..., Winter sounds like... etc.) Gamegoo.com is a great site with many educational games. There are many other free game sites that you could bookmark but be careful to check the ads and other content on the site. I use my computers during center time, as a reward for early finishers or as a way to reteach or extend some things. Good luck!


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thanks mrsb203

I love that math site!!!! I teach second grade and can't wait to tell them about it tomorrow! They will absolutely love it!


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I have 3 computers in my class. I have the kids cycle through them a few times a week doing language arts practice on a program called "Orchard." I teach 6th grade. I also have the kids write final drafts of papers on them but they are not very good typists, don't know the nuances of Word software, and I don't have the time to teach them word processing. I prefer having them do the language arts drills. I also have them access sites on the internet that I preset on the desktop. It is time consuming to just let them google. I am in a class right now to use the computer/internet more for web quests, etc. I'll keep you posted.