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I'm Not Cooking!!!!!!


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I just pulled out ham and cheese and sub buns. My kids are content and my husband who expects hot meals can just GET OVER HIMSELF!:D LOL! I'm gonna drink my glass of wine now and calm down...whew! It has been a day!


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Sub for him

Let him zap his sub in the microwave --- TA DA--- a hot meal for him!! Enjoy your wine! I think I'll join you!


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This is a fine vintage!

I'm drinking with y'all.

We ate at church this evening. Cheap, tasty, and fun to sit around talking with friends. My husband is accustomed to getting hot food at restaurants during the week. We have tee-ball/baseball 4 days a week so are always on the fly.


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mine had leftover

i came home and went to bed after emailing my hubby he was on his own, I have had a sore throat all day, I think the sick little ones in my room finially got me.
He emailed back and asked if I needed meds. I about fell over. Wow, those rare moments of thoughtfullness out of a guy, it iwas great, then when i was fixing myself a cup of soup he said , i thought you werent cooking, what are we having, hehehehehehehe oh well ... back to bed and Zicam for me :)


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Enjoy!!!!!! Our 'frig. went out a few weeks ago, so we've had to do quicky meals a lot lately - I have to admit it's been nice to not fuss over dinner every night!

I love the idea of popping the sub in the microwave! LOL :D


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I was just thinking the same thing!!! FUNNY! Heat up that sub and whala everyone is happy!!! LOL :)