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I'm so glad this day is done


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I realize this post is an inappropriate topic for a holiday like this one, but I have no control over the way I feel. It's a really long story that began here on PT back in the summer. Since then I've kept a good distance between myself and my SIL and BIL. My plan was to spend Thanksgiving at home while my wife and son did the family thing today. I caved in and decided to pretend to be a part of the family.<!--break-->

It started yesterday. My wife's cousin was coming into town and arrangements were made for us to have him come to our house. Eventually this included the whole family coming to our house. This was something that snowballed out of control and I was not prepared for. I found myself seething with anger that these two people were in my house. I'm not even remotely a violent or physical person, but I had some of those momentary fantasies about so many things I wish I could do, but couldn't. I remained civil, but I felt like my skin wouldn't stop crawling until these two people left my house.

Today I had to do it all over again. We all gathered at my MIL's house for the Thanksgiving thing. I didn't have the strong reaction I had yesterday, but I still felt like today dragged on forever. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer and left. I figure I've got about four weeks before I have to do this all over again. I hope I don't crack and make a fool out of myself.


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In laws are difficult

My hubby and I gave each other a free pass as far as the inlaws go. I don't visit his mother because she hates me because I'm not hispanic. And he doesn't visit mine because by brother is an egomaniac and racist.
I used tro cry until he gave in, but then the fights afterward were too much.
If you're stuck with the inlaws again,for your wife's sake, you may need to take a drive or a long walk after dinner.
Hang in there.


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In Laws

My hubby hangs out with my family, but I don't with his. I just can't take their crap! I don't mind my FIL...but he never comes without my MIL in tow...she and I are like oil and water. She is nice to my face, but I KNOW she is a B#$% to me behind my back...Hang in there...one more holiday and you won't have to do this for one whole year!



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In laws

Hi there! I can't offer you any suggestions, but I can give my sympathy. I'm sorry you had to experience all that. While experiencing a recent (almost) family blow, I came up with the phrase "preserving my holiday spirit," which is exactly what I'm going to do, even if it means excusing myself. With me, it's my own family, not necessarily my in-laws. Now I'm so wound up, I think I might have to blog again! LOL. Hang in there!


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your wife must appreciate

having you around, wish my soon to be ex. cared enough for me to "endure" spending time with my peeps.

This is what love is, doing what the other needs to make the other happy. Hope she does things that make just you happy as well. And I think your blog is very appropriate, you write what everyone else is already thinking. You go guy!

For Christmas, just drink yourself into happiness, it works. Get sloshed and go hug them both while politely telling them what you think of them, something like this anyway.