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I'm thinking of getting business cards


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but what info do you put on them? Can anyone give me an example of what they put on theirs. Teachers keep asking me to leave my number, which I do, but post its have a way of getting misplaced. Thanks!


What if you get called by the district in the morning. What would you put on your card?

Substitute Teacher


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best way to reach you

i would put my cell number (which is actually the only number i list now, given that i have missed jobs i would enjoy because i wasn't home).


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Business cards

I didn't put Substitute Teacher on my cards. I put my name, Elementary Schoool Teacher, my P.O. Box and my cell number. I used up almost a whole box. I would leave them every time I subbed in a class I enjoyed with my sub number written on the back. I use them for free lunches at restaurants, drawings, gave them to my acquaintances. When I applied for full time permanent jobs I attached them to my resumes, and then left them with the panels when I interviewed. I have a quarter of a box left (cost me $20 on the internet, best money I ever spent). I now have my own classroom but I can't use them anymore because I now am a middle school teacher. Get them! They made me feel like a real professional and really came in handy. My principal who hired me told me she was impressed with the card and thought I was very professional and serious about teaching. A little thing, but very very powerful.


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thanks love2learn!

this puts a whole new perspective on this!
good stuff!

even if i can just get "dinner for two" by or something by tossing it in a business's weekly raffle bottle...

this is just an idea, not a decision nor recommendation--i really want to know what everyone would think about listing ourselves as,

Educational Consultant
specializing in science and language arts

sorry for my lower case problem...keyboard woes...

anyway, let's brainstorm a card title--right here


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free business card website?

Someone once posted about a website where you could get free business cards from. Does anyone know what that site is?? I checked it out once and it looked like you could pick from a lot of designs and put whatever information you wanted. Thanks for the ideas about the business cards. I was never sure if it was a little over the top to actually hand them out. I guess its the little things that makes you stand out and gets you the job!


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Business Cards

I personally put on my business cards that i am an educator. I do not put substitute teacher. I placed my home address and my cell phone number. I also placed my email address as well. I have personalized my cards, because my cards speak about me. I went to vistacards.com to place my order. They have pretty good selection of choices for your cards. I think it is a great thing do for yourself.


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Hi all. I thought I'd resurrect this thread for a question. I'm new to the board as of tonight. I started subbing in October and have been doing it a couple times a week since then.

So in the district I sub in (the district I attended as a student), one certain lady calls and arranges the subs. Would it be unnecessary to do business cards in that case? I believe my mom (long time teacher) suggested it a few months ago, but this district doesn't seem be one where I have to advertise to get called, you know? Would it just be a professional thing to do anyway?


My district also works the same way. Ther is one person who's job it is to call the subs, however; I know a lot of the teachers (from my own kids attending the school) and they told me that when they call in for a Sub, they can request a specific one if they want. This way when you get called you can leave it for the teacher so that she/he can request you next time. So I would say go ahead with the cards. I jumped on here for the same reason today! I have already created one on Vistaprint but I'm looking for some kind of catch phrase or motto to add on to help it stand out a bit. I've been looking everywhere for some ideas and just can't come up with anything.
Any ideas would be most welcome!