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Immature Student


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I just need to vent about one of the kids in my 4th grade class. Actually, it's more about her mother.

The student is sweet and usually a pretty good student, but she is such a whiner! I have seen her interact with her mother, and the mother constantly gives her compliments, tells her how great she is, and coddles her. Unfortunately, the student now thinks that she's the best in the world, and she can't handle criticism of any kind because her mother never tells her anything like that.

This weekend our school had a family event, and it sickened me to watch this mother and the way she babies her child. She talks to her like she's a toddler, not a 10-year-old. This does no favors for anyone, and it's going to be a shock when the kid gets into the "real world" and no one cares about how great she thinks she is.

I know that there's not much I can do, but it sure does explain a lot of what I've observed this year! I'm not against helping children develop good self-esteem, but this mother has raised her daughter's self-esteem to such a level that it's damaging.


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Self esteem

She'll be in for a shock. She isn't getting the grounding for self esteem, she's getting set up for a huge self concept fall when she realizes she can't do anything with out mommy's cheerleading and "help". The greatest gift is to allow a kid to find out what they do and don't do well. They can revel in their abilites, and know their limitations.


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watching parents is an eye opener

It is amazing when I meet parents, it helps explain a lot of student behavior. :)


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Eww! I have one of these, too!

fifth grade, whenever we meet it's almost like I can't tell mom how things really are -me: "you're kid is failing math. (okay, I say it nicely)"
mom -(while stroking kiddo's hair) "Oh, you're so smart. I'm so proud of you!"
Me - "Didn't you hear me?....
Remember, this is fifth grade. Get ready, here it comes!!!!!!!!!!
Mom - "Well she's starting to take on more responsibility because brother is going away on a field trip. She's starting to get herself dressed in the mornings."
Well, alrighty then.


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Ticket to success

I had a parent say almost the same thing to me Friday. Child is playing around not doing work, picking on others-reason- Grandma is going on a trip. Grandma doesn't live with child or see child that often but she is going away for a week. Okay.

Mr. H

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No kidding

I had a 5th grade boy who swore constantly, I was puzzled where his mouth came from.. Then I met his dad at a Wal-Mart he talked like the DI from Full Metal Jacket.


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But the parents will still blame us when the kids "crash", fail, drop-out, get pregnant at 14, go to jail at 15, or die of a drug overdose.