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Imposed Programs



Do you as teachers get to help choose materials that will be used in your classrooms, or does administration just say "You're doing this. We'll be doing incessant training sessions and I'll be monitoring your implementation procedures..." What's the scoop out there?

Ima Teacher

Senior Member
We've done both. We're required to follow the program of studies and the core content for assessment. How we go about teaching those items is completely up to us.

Now, we were part of a research program for a few years, and during that time there was a lot of "you have to teach X, by using method Y, on Z day". Now THAT was a pain.


Junior Member
We are told what to do.

We are given programs, told to read the script, and don't veer away, even if we think it is in the best interest of the child. Result: children are failing left and right.


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I've had both also. SOmetimes I can veer a little bit in the intrest of children because I teach Ex Ed so I can usally wiggle some room with the learning disabilities.


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We have to teach the GPS any way we want. But we are given units we design (or our peers have designed) and strongly advised to do what everyone else is doing. We are supposed to collaborate. What we are doing is not really collaborating though. I try, but honestly, I just can't do other people's lesson plans. I am just waiting for the scripted lesson plan to come my way. I once thought that would be a bad thing. In my Sunday School class, it is totally scripted, and now I think scripting isn't so bad--less planning! Less thinking! Is it good for the kids? Probably not as good as lessons taught with enthusiasm and heart.


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Just do it!

We do not get to pick our instructional programs. Our curriculum committees do that. I actually like the curriculum choices that have been made. We are told to follow the text and given a pacing guide that tells us where we should be on what day. The pacing guide makes me crazy! It’s hard to keep up with it and the kiddies are feeling the stress as well as the teachers. I’m hoping that things will slow down and reason returns to the classroom.