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In need of spelling worksheets



I am a student teacher in a 2nd grade classroom. My co-op is requiring me to find spelling worksheets for the kids to do with their weekly spelling words. The worksheets must be generic (not tied to any particular group of words). Also, the worksheets must involve writing the words out somehow... they can't include word searches, mazes, circling the correctly spelled words, etc. Can somebody please point me in the right direction? Thank you!


create your own

I make my own worksheets on the computer to go along with our spellng words.

I have the word bank at the top with all the spelling words and I have sentences with missing words underneath. They need to fill in the spelling word that goes in each.

We ____________ on the swings at recess.

On another paper I do rhyming words and they fill in the spelling word that rhymes.

I rhyme with "sheet". __________
We rhyme with "dream" ____________ _____________

Another one I have them write the words in alphabetical order.
Hope this helps.


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I also make them

I'd be happy to share, but they are Microsoft Publisher files, so I don't think I can post them.

If you have Publisher, I'd be happy to email them to you. Send me a private message with you email address.

I have my students put their words in ABC order, and I also use a spelling contract now. I think I can post those files if anyone is interested.

One file is the contract that the students fill out each week, and the other is an example of each assignment. I've found all of the ideas on the internet.
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2nd grade teacher

I have a couple things my kids really love. One is at discovery school's puzzlemaker on the internet. I create a hidden message spelling worksheet where they have to unscramble the words and then find the hidden message. There are also word searches and other worksheets you can make. They are very easy to do.

Another thing I do is Spelling Codes. You assign a number or symbol to each letter of the alphabet then turn their spelling words into these codes. The kids have to decipher the codes. An example: 12-15-14-7 which stands for long (give each letter of the alphabet a number beginning with a = 1.

Another thing I do is to have letter stamps in a center so they can stamp thier spelling words several times each.

Hope these help.


spelling code

Elaborating on previous post, I type out the alphabet on their paper in a font that is just symbols like wingdings. Then underneath each 'letter' I put the real letter (a,b,c) I type their words using the wingding font and then they have to decode and write the word.

I also do scrambled worksheets too.

You can have them write their words with colored pencils - all the vowels one color, consonants another.

You can assign vowels = 5 , and consonants = 1. Then students write out their words and add up the point value of the words. I then usually ask them to find the difference between the greatest and least word. - gets math and spelling in there.

Good luck.