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Indigo children???


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There was a report on the news last night about indigo children and I had never heard of it before. Has anyone ever heard of this? They say it occurs in children born after 1992. It stated that these children are gifted and often misunderstood by parents and teachers because of their special abilities.


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Indigo Children

I googled it and found some interesting information. The authors, of each sites that I skimmed thru, seemed to use "indigo" for children that were misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD. It is interesting, but could it be another label to replace the stigma of saying "ADHD"?:confused:

Teach 5

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Google does reveal lots of information. The Indigos are being followed by the Crystal children.
I think the question that educators need to ask is this just new age or evolution of the species?
I think it all comes back to differentiated instruction and meeting the needs of all students.


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We just call it "quirkiness." Kids generally misunderstood, but will actually end up doing phenomenally well as adults but are the square pegs in rounds holes during school. Very similar to Asperger/Autsim spectrum, but different.

I agree it all comes down to differentiation and meeting all children's needs.

Mrs. O

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Please don't "buy it"!

I researched this after someone mentioned this in reference to my son. This is a new-age cult-like thing. The person who wrote this is a psychic (sp?). The Indigo Children is a book by Lee Carroll, a channeler for an entity he calls Kryon, skepdic.com/indigo.html Indigo refers to the child's aura. It may seem like good information at first, but you also have to consider the source.


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Indigo Children

I read the book about 5 years ago, after it first came out. What I got about the quirkiness of some children was that of 'old' children. The thought that they are older adults in childrens' bodies. Interesting. I think that it is just another lable, though. Some of it made sense, but, mostly it stated that we need to accept them as different. I would say that I have an Indigo this year, if I wanted to lable him. He certainly fits the description.