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I need more lessons on inferring for first grade. I have all the ones from Miller's book. Does anyone have any more?
Let me know.


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I spend a week on each (usually stretch it by working through one book for 2-3 and then releasing responsibility by having them work with partners)

1. Readers infer unknown words.
2. Readers infer the character's personality and/or feelings.
3. Readers infer when they are confused.
4. Readers infer the author's message.


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Stratagies that Work

If anyone in your building has a copy of that book there are a few good lessons in there that I used from there when I first started teaching inferring.



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I love teaching inferring. We begin with inferring emotions. I have a chart with children's faces showing emotions. I mask the adjectives and the children must say, "I infer that he/she feels..." then we look at the word. We also read the Carl the Dog books and infer using the picture clues. David Wiesner's books are good for this too.
Below is a link to "inference cards". Last year I used one as a mini-lesson. We read it aloud and highlighted the words that helped us infer. I then gave each group another inference card (there are more to print at this site, and they are at a variety of levels) and had them go and read it and highlight the words that helped them infer. We regrouped and shared our thoughts.

http://www.manatee.k12.fl.us/sites/elementary/palmasola/inference.htm (main site-scroll down)

http://www.manatee.k12.fl.us/sites/elementary/palmasola/incard1.htm (specific example)

I had some old worksheets about inferring that I cut up and did the same type of activity with.
Good luck.