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Information Trade Books



Hi, I'm translating the abstract of an article in English into Spanish. It is about information trade books and, as I'm not really sure of what they are, I'm not able to find an equivalent term in Spanish Could any of you try to explain me something about these kind of books? Thanks a million!!!


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I'm not sure why they are called this, but

all they are referring to are the novels students read. Maybe they are trade books because they are paperback?? no clue


Trade Books

Information trade books are the books that are sold as individual titles in book stores. They are different from the books that come with a reading adoption in that many of those items were created in house by contract writers and they are not sold for public consumption. Information trade books can be fiction or non-fiction. For instance, Sarah, Plain and Tall, is a trade book about a mail order bride. The company selling reading curriculum to a school district couold have a book about a mail order bride, but if it was not a trade book, it would not be trade book.