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My Dh is interested in trying the insanity workout series. Has anyone tried it? Would you recommend it or another?

He is 48 but naturally thin and in decent shape but does not "workout". He does a lot of farm type labor. He does not want to lose weight but be in better shape.

Eventually, I would like to get to something intense but I struggle with level 1 on the 30 day shred. :o. I need to lose 80-100 pounds.


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I think it would be good for him.

For you, keep working out with Jillian. Modify but try to do it. You'll feel stronger each time.


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My dh does it. He is 8 yrs older than me. He is 52 and very fit. Crazy fit. I don't know if that helps you. My dh likes it and does it every day.


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My ds20 has that series. It is an INTENSE workout. My DS who is very fit finds it intense and a challenge. It's hard on the joints as there is a lot of jumping.

Hope it helps,


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I've done it several times and I love it. It is hard on the knees. I liked Insanity for weight loss but if he's looking to build muscle and get better toned I would recommend P90X. I've also done that program several times and love it too but it's more focused on strength building.

Ima Spedtcher

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Just finished

Doing insanity. I loved it, I lost about 11 pounds while doing it, but I was also really watching what I ate (trying to lose weight). My DH also did it with me, he ate what he wanted. He didn't lose weight, but really toned up and may have lost inches. It did increase my fitness level, I can run farther and faster than I did before insanity. I also built some strength in my arms and really toned my abs.