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Inservice blahs

school marm

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I am curious how inservice days work for others. Do you have input or does your principal (now considered to be instructional leaders) and/or district office administrators plan & implement these days? Are you ever given the opportunity to work in your classroom or plan with grade level teams? Ours are real non-productive, usually a call to do more w/less and they are usually not real well-planned such as lack of materials or just plain lack of vision!


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I agree

We actually have our In-Service day next Wednesday, and although there will be no kids around, I'm dreading it! We have to prepare for getting renewed for accreditation (we're a private school), and we'll have to sit in committees, going over statistics. Yuck! No time to be in our classrooms, I'm afraid! At least they usually provide lunch ;) !


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At night

Our "days" are at night where we are paid to stay for two hours. We are also given a meal. I like this better than when we use to send our students home at noon.


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At my school last year, we had no say in what we did during inservice. I felt like a majority of it was a waste of time, and I always felt overwhelmed afterwards...Like I needed to be doing more.

I moved this summer, and my new principal asks what we would like to focus on. We helped make a list of ideas, and then she narrowed it down. It took the majority of the day, but she saved the last hour for us to work in our rooms.