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Insurance Coverage Over Summer?

Stephanie Michelle

Junior Member
Hi all,
My contract wasn't renewed this year, but I will need insurance over the summer. I'm not sure how long my insurance coverage lasts, or how to find out. I called my insurance company, but they can't tell me. This is my first year teaching, so I have no idea how this stuff usually works. Any feedback would be great! Thanks.


I'd call your school's insurance dept.

They should be able to tell you


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I know with my insurance if it's cancelled you can apply for short-term coverage (it's called cobra here) but I think it is pretty expensive.
Human Resources/Benefits should be able to tell you.

Ima Teacher

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Check with your insurance clerk to make sure, but here's how it worked for me.

Our insurance coverage goes from January to December, our school year goes from August to May, and our yearly paychecks go from September to August. (Confusing, I know.)

Several times my contract wasn't renewed--pretty common for untenured teachers here. My insurance coverage continued through August, because I was technically still "employed" because our paychecks go from September to August, even though I'd finished working in May. When August rolled around, I was supposed to have started making my OWN insurance payments for the full amount of coverage through the COBRA plan. Fortunately, I was hired back every year and never actually had to do that!


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know about COBRA

You might want to look into the various plans. I know one person in your situation who bought Blue Cross and Blue Shield. If you're young, it's fairly inexpensive. The young woman I know is only 24, and her insurance runs about $135 per month, and it's a great plan. I knew one other who elected to continue her insurance through COBRA, because it was the cheapest option for her. Definitely look into Blue Cross and Blue Shield before you sign on with COBRA, since COBRA isn't cheap.


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Would it make a difference if your were paid 12 months instead of 10? I'm just assuming you're only paid the months you teach. In my district, they give us an option 10 month pay or 12 month. Your insurance dept. should have the answers.