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integrated unit



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I am trying to create an intergrated unit for a class I am taking to get my middle school endorsement. Does anyone have an idea of what I could do for a sixth grade unit? I teach fourth grade and am not very familiar with the sixth grade curriculum. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Many 6th grades do a study of Ancient Civilizations. It's incredibly easy to integrate curriculum with this study! For example, you can do:

Social Studies: Geography (map drawing), History (study of famous people, wars, daily life etc.), Religions -- compare/contrast diff. cultures, practice ways of writing/alphabets used in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Greece etc.
Science: Unit on earth science, look at how Ancient Egyptians embalmed and mummified people, study of plant life in that time period
Language Arts: Read myths and legends (Gilgamesh - Mesopotamia, Ramayana - India, Isis and Osiris - Egypt, many options for Greek Myths -- kids love these stories! lots of great children's adaptations of Iliad and Odyssey), analyze and compare/contrast myths, students write their own myths
Math: Look at ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian ways of counting and keeping track of numbers. Students try their own problems based off these systems. Ancient Indians invented chess -- teach them to play -- great for logic/problem solving
Art: So many options! Try Indian mandalas, making your own clay tablets and writing on them in cuneiform, Egyptian cartouches, design your own mummy, self-portrait as an ancient Egyptian, Greek vases, etc.
Music: Listen to CDs of Krishna chants from India. Try a traditional Greek line dance.

Hope this is what you're looking for. Good luck!