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Integrating Curriculum


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Hi! My school is interested in integrating curriculum. I love the idea of teaching so you can't tell where reading ends and math begins. It sounds exciting for me and for my kids. My question for you is about planning. We are just beginning and the scope of it seems so huge. Are there any resources you would recommend or advice you can give?


Pat Davis

Curriculum to use text for science fair

I have tried to teach in an integrating way. I use the idea of the Science Fair to teach the usefulness of math and language as well as science. My article in Science for Children, 1989, called Gerbles, Planes and Dog Food, told how I helped my second grade class get their science fair projects ready.
I developed a curriculum in which any science book can be used. Since I used the 2003 Science book by Scott Foresman, I am requesting permission from them to mention their book in my curriculum.
Let me know if you are interested in using my idea.