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interesting situation


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I'm trying to deal with an interesting situation involving a parent from my class. A couple of weekends ago, my husband was out with some friends at a bar and saw this man who is the father of one of my students. Anyway, my husband said that the guy was very obviously drunk, and when he saw my husband he yelled out someting very degrading about my body to everyone he was with. My husband didn't really do anything b/c the guy was drunk and he didn't want to make a scene.

Well, now every time I see this guy at school, my stomach just turns. I'm trying my best to fake being nice, but it's really hard to be respectful to someone who has disrespected me.

I shared this problem with a co-worker who has had this parent before, and she's a friend. She thought I should let the principal know about the situation just so he is aware of it. I'm not really sure what to do. I do know that talking to the man makes me ill now.

Ima Teacher

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Unless something is going on at school, it is really not the concern of the principal. If the guy really bugs you, then avoid him at all costs and make sure you're not alone with him if you DO have to be around him.

c green

If I were the principal

I'd want to know. Clearly, there's very little he can do, but I would like to be aware of that for a whole lot of reasons. Of course, if you don't think the principal would deal with it well...

Gross situation. Sorry to hear about it.

Gina TX

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I think

it depends on your principal. If I were in your shoes I would let my principal know. But I know he would be supportive and that way if I ever had to meet with this parent I could ask for someone to be there and I wouldn't have to explain. I am lucky to have such a great principal. If the principal isn't very supportive or understanding I think I would keep it between myself and the coworker.

Sorry to hear of such a situation. I know you must be uncomfortable, I certainly would be.


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My principal likes to be n the loop of all things. She feels so strongly that she now hires mostly parents of students in the school for many jobs. It is very scarey, likes she wants to control us or where our families are.
I am off the point. If you feel comfortable let your principal know. Having him/her on line will help if something somes up.


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I agree that you should probably let your principal know about this. The information might come in handy if the parent wants to meet with you alone, or has a beef with you. Cover your back!


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Thanks for all the advice. My principal was the 4th grade teacher last year, so he knows this guy very well, and we have a good working relationship. I know he'll be supportive. I just wasn't sure if this was something that I should take to him or not.

Thanks again!


Not so Happy Hour

Tell your husband to speak to the guy when he's sober or ask your husband to find a better bar.