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I am starting my first internship at an elementary school. I do not know what grade it will be yet, mosty likely from K thru 3rd, because that is what I asked for. It is not student teaching; its only 10 hours a week for one semester. My problem is that I have no idea what to do, I don't know if I just observe, or if I actually help the teacher, do I get to help teach? I do not want to be intrusive, or participate too much if the teacher does not want me to do so, but I also do not want to come of too hesitant because I am also a bit shy. I just want to do a good job, be professional, and make it agood learning experience. Any suggestions?


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I also did something similar during undergrad. In my class, we were required to plan and teach a unit on something we discussed with the teacher. I was in K and we taught it on feelings. My best advice to you would be to just talk to your cooperating teacher and see what they expect of you. I would not be too shocked if you end up teaching a few lessons. I know that when I took that course, it was part of a class where I met with my professor and other students in the course. Everything we were expected to do was told to us ahead of time. But TRUST ME...any teacher loves to have an extra hand in their classroom, so do not feel intrusive about wanting to help out.


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Don't Wait to be Asked to Do Something!!

I am sure you will do fine in all your internships. I am completing my student teaching in special education. One thing that has always helped me was to not wait until my mentor asked me to do something. I asked a lot of questions and offered to help. Good luck, you sound like you will be a great teacher, because you have already taken the steps in networking with fellow teachers and student teachers to help you answer some of your questions and concerns. This is an ongoing process.


a few ideas

Prepare yourself by reading information that is online about these grade levels, start making games from sites that have printable resources. Use your university library as much as you can, these have some awesome books, photocopy the ones that are based on these year levels.

Be willing to respond to the teachers needs and wants. Be confident and suggest new ideas or ask to take a small group if you feel ready for it. Thats what i did and it worked in my favour. I got the teacher to write a reference to add to my portfolio.

Hang in there dont stress you will be fine.


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Experience Experience Experience!

I have been very lucky with my last two field placements during my sophomore and junior years. Now, as a senior, I have been asked to come back with the same teacher! I found the experience to be very beneficial! Since this is your first time, you are not going to "jump" right into teaching. Your supervising teacher will show you how she teaches, observe her and what she does. You will eventually help the class and do what you are comfortable with. Help your teacher as much as you can. I always volunteered to read to the class (my first time in the classroom). Get comfortable with the students and the teacher. And remember this is your time to learn and experience a real classroom.

Good Luck, I am sure you will do well!