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Interview Questions???


Just Me 2

I hope I get some interviews soon. I need some help with a question. What are your weaknesses? Thanks!

Mrs. Bee

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The answer I usually give to that question is that my weakness right now is experience, since I've newly graduated. And then I follow that up with the fact that I feel that I will overcome that soon. As soon as I get hired.
Whatever you choose to say, and hopefully it will be something you're honest with, think of ways that you're working on correcting that weakness and/or things you've learned that are helping you overcome it.

Hope this helps some.


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something to consider

I took job training and they always said to turn your weakness into a strength. My actual weakness is always wanting to have fun and have the kids like me, but my Aunt Teresa told me that will kill me as a teacher and a colleague. however, i will be saying that my weakness could be caring too much for my students and always wanting to help them, but somedays, that weakness can be my greatest strength.


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My weakness is separating me the person, from me the teacher. I am always in "teacher mode." I keep a notepad by my bed so when I have a great school idea I can jot it down. I keep a notepad in my purse so I can note ideas I see elsewhere. I try to keep a camera with me so if I visit other schools, etc. I can take pictures. I OFTEN dream of school, which makes it hard to relax since I've been "at school" all day and night! When I'm out to eat with friends or my hubby I don't do or say anything (usually) that I wouldn't say in front of students. I won't wear certain clothes because I don't think it would be appropriate for me as a teacher. You get the idea. I guess you could say I have an identity crisis, but I make sure to put it in a positive light at interviews. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a teacher so it makes sense to me to always be thinking of school.