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I have completed my credential classes and am currently enrolled in the Masters program at my University, but have not yet landed a teaching job due to the need to have an internship to keep finances afloat. The distirct in the next city from where I live called last week, and even with the internship letter etc. submitted I have an interview on Tues. for the continuation HS. Any advice, or strategies that work, etc. for a teaching interview? - Thanks!



I've always heard to be leary of getting your masters before having any teaching experience. AKA: more pay - but no experience.

Not really any advice for the interview that you prob don't already know. Be over-prepared, be early, be well dressed, be congenial, etc. etc. etc. Make sure that you spend some time on your resume making sure that it looks neat and prepared. Have questions to ask them when they're done asking you. There was also some good advice in a recent post below...

Good luck


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A master's is great... In my state it only gives you an edge, & it helps put you in the middle of the payscales when you begin instead of smack at the bottom.

I got mine while earning my credential....