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Into reading

Reading | Literature 


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Can't stand it.
My district doesn't use the Foundational Skills section. We use Heggerty and Fundations instead. Therefore the Start Right readers don't align to our phonics and sight word instruction, making them difficult to use.

We don't use the leveled readers because we aren't supposed to be doing guided reading.

I think the writing instruction is bad, don't think the My Book is developmentally appropriate, don't like how the curriculum spirals without spending enough time on any one thing to teach it to mastery, and find some of the read-alouds tedious.

I don't run centers (independent learning) the way they have it set up. I feel that the tasks would have to be taught each week and I don't have the for that.

I love the vocabulary cards. And some of the read-alouds are good.

There's way too much thrown in there. It's like they were trying to please everyone by putting in a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

The Ed online piece is not easy to navigation.

We adopted it 3 years ago. I tried to give it a chance.


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We just started "using" it this year. It's been adopted and purchased but I just haven't had the time to dive in. I totally agree with what sevenplus said. There is WAY TOO MUCH in there! The My Book is crazy - every page is "draw a picture; write a sentence." I can't ask my kinders to do that everyday - very tedious and it def isn't reaching every learner. My kids are all over the place with their literacy skills and the My Book doesn't look like it accommodates for that. I don't have much good things to say - sorry. If someone has some positive notes and can point me in a good direction to start with the program, I'm all ears. We have read a few of the books and I've liked those - some are too long but we just put a pause button on it and resume reading later in the day!