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Introducing Spelling Words


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How do you introduce spelling words? We usually go around the room clapping and spelling them. I am just looking for an other quick activities.


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Spelling Word Introduction

I make a worksheet that shows all the spelling words in boxes. Students cut out the boxes and sort the words in different ways and then they explain how they sorted the words. Another way to do this is to make flashcards of each week's spelling words and attach a small magnet on the back. (I use all those advertisement magnets and cut them into small pieces.) Then put the flashcards on a magnetic whiteboard and let the children manipulate the words by sorting into categories. Some categories the children use are: by the number of letters in the words; short/long vowel words; number of syllables; words that naturally go together; words with prefixes, base words, or suffixes; etc. Some children get real creative!


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Sometimes I write the words on the board. We read them together and then I pass out a bingo style board. They get to fill in the board however they want and then we play bingo- I spell the word and they have to find the match on thier board. The first person to win gets to choose how we kinestetically learn the word- clapping, stomping, opera voices, snapping.... They kids love it!

I also have made a large table on the board and as we learn each word we write it in a boxz on our table and then we write other words that start the same, same syllables...


spelling games

We play "Guess the missing Word". The students love it. I write sentences on a transparency and leave out a word (the spelling word). Students guess many words, one of which is usually correct. Then I place the first letter on the blank. The students usually figure it out and they love it.

Another game we play is "Hangman". This students love this one also, especially when we get to pattern words (stair, flair, hair, etc.) They really like knowing that they get the "a-i-r" before anything is drawn on the hangman.