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Introducing Vocabulary

Izzy's Mimi

New Member
I am looking for a new way to introduce vocab. I already do the charades, and I am looking for new games or fun activities. I usually only have about 5 words each week...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Senior Member

You could do Rivet (which is kind of like Wheel of Fortune or Hangman). Have as many blanks as letters and then have the kids guess a letter.


Senior Member

What if you gave clues to the words with physical objects? For example, one of our vocab words this week is "quilt." Maybe you bring in a blanket, sewing materials, pictures of people sewing, scraps of material. Another word is "handkerchief". I would maybe show a tissue and a washcloth. Later I would show them an actual handkerchief. You could ask them to guess what the word is, plus they get a physical representation of the object. You might only be able to do this with vocab words that are nouns, though...oh well!!