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invite students to wedding?


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question for you all- I would like to invite my classes from last year and this year to my wedding this summmer. I'd considered it before but all the kids know i'm getting married and a transfer student told me her 3rd grade teacher invited her class to her wedding, so it got me thinking, This is my 2nd yr teaching (so those are the only kids I've had so far) and I was very close with my class last year- also those students (now in 6th grade) will be leaving our elementary school this summer so I won't see them again really after the wedding and would love to see them there that morning and take pics afterwards with all the students that showed up. Opinions or ideas about this plan and how do I go about inviting them? It's a catholic ceremony and it will be in another town, about 20 minutes from my school. Do you think kids will come during the summer? It would be about 40 kids but my guess is only about 10, those i was closest with, would push for their parents to bring them. Has anyone else done this? I don't want to seem weird to the parents and I'd be inviting the kids (and their families i guess) to the ceremony only, not the reception. I remember while subbing seeing several younger teachers with pics of them in their dress with all the kids on their desks and loved it. Any thoughts would be appreciated!! :)


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I love it

Hi there! Congratulations! I love the idea and wish I had done it myself. I would suggest only inviting them to the wedding (not the reception), and make it clear that they should not bring gifts. (That's just my opinion). Also, you may want to consider how your fiance feels about this. Good luck, and have fun planning your wedding.
Suzanne :s)


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Great idea

I had a friend who did this years ago. The children and parents alike were thrilled to have been invited. As was my friend, she has many wonderful pictures of the kids with her on her wedding day. Like the other poster said, I would only invite them to the ceremony and make it clear that they shouldn't bring gifts. If you are concerned, just mention it to your principal to see what he/she thinks. Good luck!


I'm going to do it!

I'm a second-year teacher (high school) too, and I'm planning on inviting my students to the wedding ceremony. I think the idea of making sure they know not to bring gifts is a good one. My girl's chorus asked me if they could sing in my wedding! Kids are so cute about this kind of thing. :)


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inviting students

I think that it is fine to invite your students to your wedding. I have heard of two teachers in my school who have had students at my wedding. Maybe you could send the wedding date, location (invitiation) in a newsletter. That way the students and parents will have the information. Congrats on your future wedding!


friend did it

Hi. Congrats! I had a friend invite her first graders to the ceremony and the reception. It was great! About ten came and they danced and had a great time! Have fun!

I didn't invite students, but I did have kids at the reception. I had disposable cameras, too. The pictures the kids took were the best!


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kids to wedding

go for it!

a friend who started teaching the same year i did got engaged a few months before i did--during our second year of teaching--her husband proposed to her in front of her kids (first grade)! they invited that class to the wedding (i'm not sure about the reception)

another friend invited her first year's class (1st/2nd grade) to the wedding and had them do something in the ceremony....it wasn't like lighting candles or anything...they just came up and "supported" them--i can't remember! (i'm not sure about the reception, on this one either) one of her favorite pictures from the wedding has all her little ones in it!

i invited my second year's class (5th) grade to both wedding and reception (the way my invitations were written, it would have been hard to not invite them to reception). i did slip an extra note into those invites that said something like: your presence would be the best gift you could give us; please not presents.

go for it!


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invite them

I invited my grade two class to my wedding as well. I got married over March break. They even sang a littel song at my wedding, it was sweet.


me too!

I had my class at my june ceremony. About 15 out of 25 kids showed up with their parents. I did not invite them to the reception. We had an adult reception, but even if we didn't, I wouldn't have invited my kids to that.

I have great pictures and great memories of having my class there! Oh by the wya, I teach 2nd grade!



A friend and I were the flower girls at my kdg. teachers wedding and all the others were gift bearers. They stood in line outside the church and as they saw a gift stepped forward to ask "May I take your gift please" we practiced at school. A supervising teacher I know brought her gown to school for the drama center. Girls absolutely went nuts. As she said-after they play I'll have it cleaned. Have fun with this. We had wedding cake and punch at school !

Ima Teacher

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Student Wedding Guests

I had some students at my wedding. We had an open wedding, so I had the announcement put in the paper. . . and I mentioned it a lot at school, too. :)

We only mailed invitations to out-of-towners, but I DID end up sending one to one of my rowdy boys. He asked me if he could come to my wedding, and I told him that I'd love for him to come. Later, he told me that his grandmother told him that he couldn't come because she didn't believe he was really invited. So, I mailed him an invitation. He was SOOOO proud of that! (He was an 8th grader.)


students at your wedding

My son and I attended the wedding of his fourth grade teacher several years ago. Everyone had a great time, the church and the reception was packed. The wedding was right before Winter Break, aka Christmas vacation, so a lot of students past and present showed up.


On the other hand...

On the other hand, I invited my students to my wedding (church only) four years ago when I got married. Now I'm getting divorced.

I have a new perspective on this now. Although on my wedding day I was absolutely delighted to see my students, it's so hard to see them now. I've changed my name back to my maiden name and since my building is K-6, the students who attended the wedding have to know about my divorce. It's just so weird for me!!! Every time I pass them in the hall, they make a point to call me my maiden name. They've adjusted well to it...it's me that feels badly in front of them, especially.

As teachers, I feel that we need to keep our personal lives just that...personal. We are humans, and want people to share in our happiness. But when we're going through something devastating such as a divorce, our privacy is so important.

Good luck in the decision you make.

teacher (hi)

another thing

Another thing to consider is some people tend to get wild and crazy at weddings-especially the fun ones! I don't know if I would want my students to be witness to that. If it's a quiet small reception-fine-but if it's one with lots of young people that will get goofy-I wouldn't.


so cute!

Four years ago I invited my 35 1st graders to my June 30th wedding that was being held 40 miles away. 20 of them came. They were invited to the ceremony (church) and then we all went to the park across the street for pictures. My mom had juiceboxes and cookies for them. I really treasure the pics I have with them all dressed up beaming from ear to ear. It was sooo sweet. Many of the parents made plans to go out to eat afterwards since they kids were dressed up. I had many nice compliments on how it all went.

Good luck!!!!


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Invite your students!

My husband and I are both 5th grade teachers. When we got married in June three and a half years ago, we invited our classes. We sent each child his or her own personal invitation in the mail. It was addressed to the student, and I wrote the "child's name and Guests" on the inner envelope (such as...Suzy and Guests). This way, the parents knew they were invited also, but I didn't have to worry about putting all their names on the envelope. We had several kids come, and most of them just came with their moms. A few students even caught a ride to the wedding with some of their classmates! It is so fun to look back at our video and pictures and see the students who came. Our students also threw us a "surprise" wedding shower in May before school let out for the summer. It was so much fun!