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iPads in the classroom

Educational Technology 


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Please help. I have been given 5 iPad minis (through a district grant) to use in my classroom and I have NO idea how to use them! I got the iPads part way through last year and still have not been able to successfully use them and I feel bad having them collect dust in the corner of my room. I am looking for any way to use them in my classroom and helpful app ideas (preferably free). Do I use them for stations, independent work? I am lost and am looking and open to any and all guidance and suggestions. Thank you in advance!!!


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We also were given a set of 5 ipads to use in the classroom, but we were also given some PD time with our media specialist.
He just encouraged us to turn them on everyday.

Here are some things we did:
Used the first lessons on how to handle and use an ipad.
Used the A-Z reading app and had the students read books online.
Students wrote their own story books and we had them on the virtual library, parents could read them from their ipads
Used Brainpop to reinforce or teach specific objectives in reading, science etc.
Had the students complete a task and have partner record it. They can look back at it, or other students can learn from it.
A teacher was going out on maternity leave. She had the students record different parts of the day, morning meeting, centers, all kinds of things and they gave it to the teacher taking her place so she could see how things were done.
Students practiced math facts and other math objectives

Our media specialist kept telling us to just experiment. There is not right or wrong. Don't feel you are failing if you don't use it for everything, just do one thing and build up your confidence.

Our computer teacher asked the PTO to provide bumpers for all our ipads. She would not let an ipad go to a classroom without a bumper. In the last 5 years we have had ipads, not one has been damaged or had a screen broken. The other elementary school in our district who are not that diligent with bumpers have had several cracked or broken screens. Try to get the school to provide these.


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I'm interested in ideas too

I found out yesterday I MAY be given 2 i-pads for my classroom. I do not own one ( I do have an android tablet and an i-phone) so I'm hoping I can figure it out! Can it be used similarly to a classroom computer? I was thinking kids could use it for independent work times in Reading/LA or math. Would love app ideas. Also, can the connect to the smart board?


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I have 25 iPads that I share with 4 rooms and I wish I had them everyday. Download Educreations. They can draw on it, like a white board, type, take or import photos, record and best of all email it to you! My first graders do math problem solving on it and send it to me. It is enlightening to hear their process when I'm not sitting right next to them. Sometimes I have them take the book they are reading take a picture of 3 pages, record themselves reading and send it to me. Great for kids I can't meet with that day or to share with parents or even as an informal assessment. The app screen chomp is similar but I like educreations better.

In addition, if you down load qr code maker you can make a qr code that will take them directly to any website you like ( they don't have to type anything) like nat. Geo., they need to have enigma downloaded on the iPads. It is a qr code reader. Very cool.

Just start trying. Get all the iPads you can. They have amazing possibilities for the classroom!


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Thanks for the ideas and encouragement. We've been told that we'll have access as a grade level to a "classroom set" of iPads. We haven't had any kind of training, so it was nice to see everyone's ideas and suggestions.


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ipads in the classroom

We are lucky enough to have 1 to 1 technology at our school. I have students use their ipads daily in a few ways in first grade. During Daily 5 is the most common. I create qr codes for students to scan and take them to sites or activities I want them to complete. They also use RAZ Kids to read stories at their levels and take comprehension quizzes. I can monitor progress on this app to know what skills they are lacking. Students use chalk board, magnet, and typing apps to spell sight words and spelling words. They also practice math facts in lots of different ways. Since we are a project based learning school students use google Earth to research areas of interest or take virtual field trips. We make books in Book creator apps and send them to pen pals and parents.

There are so many wonderful ways to use the ipad! You will love them once you get started! Don't be afraid to play with them! Download free apps and see if you like them. They can always be deleted!


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You can also place icons to websites on your home screen. I use Xtramath.org on mine. They do have an app but I didn't want to pay for it and it works well enough from the website.