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iPod/iTunes Question


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I'm hoping someone can help me! My very old laptop has, I believe, kicked the bucket and even though I have a new computer, I used the old laptop when I used iTunes for my iPod. Now that my old laptop is not turning on, I tried to download a podcast onto my iPod from my new computer, but it said something about deleting all the songs because this wasn't the original iTunes (or something like that)?!:confused:

I know I'm confusing you (I'm even confusing myself)...so let me get straight to the question. Can I keep all my songs on my iPod and transfer to a new computer on iTunes? How can I update my iPod on another computer without losing anything?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!:)


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This would help, but...

...I can't turn on my old laptop! So, I can't get into my iTunes library. Ughhhhh...sometimes I hate technology!

Thanks for the link, though!


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Take 2

You don't need to be able to turn on your old computer, instead you should be able to copy all the songs from your iPod to your new computer. You won't be able to do this through iTunes because Apple doesn't want you to do that. However, you can install one of the programs listed below which will allow you to copy everything from your iPod into your new computer.

* PodUtil works on Mac or PC, and is shareware which you can download and use for free if you can endure little pop ups that bug you to pay for a full license at 10£.
* iPodAgent is free, Windows only, and requires Microsoft's free but big .NET framework installed to work.
* EphPod for Windows or Linux worked for me back in the day with my first generation iPod. EphPod is free and has been in development some time now.

Try installing one of those programs and using it to copy everything from your iPod to your new computer's hard drive. It should solve all your problems (if I understand what your problem is).

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for all your help! I am surely going to try your idea this weekend.

Thanks again!:)