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Okay, after 5 hours of shopping today, I have realized that an IPOD is "THE" gift to have this year. I want to ask my husband for one this Christmas, but he is as technologically illiterate as me!
So, for all you IPODers out there that have one or know a thing or two about it, could you please tell me which one to tell my husband to get for me and how much it costs? I have also heard that there are cheaper ones that are not called IPODS, and that the name IPOD makes it so much more expensive and there are other brands you can buy that are not as expensive. I also want to make sure it will be able to play in my car since that is the place I most listen to music. Thanks for your help and Happy Holidays!


teacher discount

You can get a deal on apple store.com because you are an educator. They will take 20% off. I love my ipod nano and bought one for my husband for Christmas. You have to buy an adaptor for your car, but it's only about $30 or so.


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OH WOW..You made my shopping day!

Thanks so much for the info! I love ANY kind of discounts! What exactly do you have to do to get the discount??


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Hi! I got a Zen Micro 2 last year for Christmas. I really love it! The really neat thing about it is that you can record on it without any extra stuff to attach to it. I really like to use it when I am doing my reading groups. I just turn it on and record the student that I want to do a running record on for that day. I can then go back and listen to the running record later and do my assesment. This may or may not be a good thing for you depending on what grade you teach. I teach 4th grade and love it. Of course, it also holds handrends of thousands of my favorite tunes too. :D


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iPod Info


I LOVE my iPod mini, although if I were to get an iPod today, I'd get one with the photo capcity. Here's where to find iPod info:


You can get an educator discount either at the Apple Store online or at your local Apple Store if you have one. You can get accessories that play either through your car radio, or through the tape player.