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Is it just me?


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My class is not horrible, but they do a bunch of little things that become excessive, which becomes disruptive. I try so hard to be consistent and fair, but some days are so hard. Do you ever have a day/week/month where you just feel like it's so hard to be consistent and fair? I know all the classroom management stuff, but it's such a difficult job, and I end up feeling so bad about it when I look back and realize that I did a bad job at it.


I feel you

I am having the same problem this year and don't know where to go. I have tried taking away privelages, recess, having them write, etc. but they seem not to care this year. Any advice would be good here too!


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Sure Thing

Yes I do fee the same way. I let the kids know that when I have to write a detention for a student it is the worst part of my job. I hate that I couldn't redirect the child and finally had to follow through with a detention and call home. My students know that I hate doing that. Most get very quiet when I do it because at my school you have to stop and do it on the spot. Anyway, I just wondered if it gets any better with more years under your belt?


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some weeks

Yes, it seems like some weeks I am on the ball. I also notice these are the same weeks that my lessons go off without a hitch as well. My classroom stays organized, everything goes as planned and I am consistent. Then there are the other weeks. The ones I would rather forget. I think those weeks happen occassionally because the good weeks wear you out so much. That's just my philosophy. :)


My class is like that, too, SC.

I run a Responsive Classroom and even though I know it's working, it's not easy like it has been in the past. I have some of the worst offenders this year in terms of interrupting, breaking rules, not even understanding the rules half the time, and one of my kids this year, a girl, is neaky, sneaky, sneaky!! I catch her most of the time - and I say most of the time because I am sure she has done things I have not caught - but yes, it's HARD. There are days I have thrown RC language aside, and rather than saying to a royal pain in the butt who never does what s/he is supposed to do, "Remind where you need to be," or "Remind me what you need to be doing," I cut right to the chase and say firmly,"You need to be __________, right now, you may not get up out of your set again for any reason other than a major emergency!" and if they do, it's a reminder (card flipped on a chart).

I can't do a lot of choice academics this year because my class cannot handle it. I have completely given up centers anyways - I am all about Reading and Writing Workshop now - there are choices there but not like when I did literacy centers - so that makes life easier for sure!

We are going to start Book Contracts after the new year - we will see how that goes!!


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Of course.

And I felt especially bad this week when a kid called me a curseword under her breath, and then the next day said the f word under her breath in response to something I had said. First time all year I was actually called a curseword. Middle school.


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been there ... still

I struggle with management. I know that when I'm organized things go better. I can be on top of things, including expectations and behaviour. I know when I'm not organized I take it as my fault and cut the kids slack because -- it's my fault! But then I loose respect and control. I learned early on not to yell, because no one likes to be yelled at, it's not respectful and when you REALLY need to use it... no one pays attention if you've yelled all year. Now when I raise my voice, which is rarely, they know it's serious.

I remember when I was a new teacher telling one principal I felt like I was loosing the class. She told me not to worry, that it happens and to just rein them in again. I did - and it worked! (I LOVED this principal!)Often I think the kids walk all over me and that frustrates me, but many people who have been in my room say they don't see that -- of course they might be saying that. I am really into wanting to be in control and now my mantras are: "make a good choice, so and so", "is that appropriate behavior?", "what is the rule about ____________?" It works better for me. The students are being dealt with respectfully, the class sees that and then seem to respond positively. It's not a game about who can make me angry or get away with doing something naughty-- I've had those struggles as well. I am in awe of teachers who have this part of their craft down -- it is so essential, yet so hard to implement personally if it's not your style.

It's always bothered me that I start the year so excited and then I get worn down by kids not following rules etc. The worse is getting kids ready for home -- but again, I try to squeeze each minute out of the day and then we're rushing to get ready to get out to the busses. I wish that early in the year I'd spent more time modelling it and having them practice during recess. I'll try it now.............. but don't know that it will be as effective.

So -- most of us have those struggles!! Keep positive and I hope you feel better to know we all have those days.