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Is it possible?


Junior Member
Do you think it's possible to have every student engaged almost all of the time? Or is that just a fantasy?


Senior Member
Possible? or Likely? I am sure it is possible, but I am just not a miracle worker with the class I have this year. They are the most ADD class I have ever had. My principal sure expects total engagement though. She writes it down on your evaluations and walk-throughs if she sees someone not paying attention (even for a minute).


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My students are engaged 100% of the time, just not with the activity I need them to be engaged with!!! :p hee hee hee I couldn't resist.

No, even if they all SEEM to be on task, etc. their minds may be a zillion miles away. It's a nice theory though.


Senior Member
I think it's possible sometimes, but not always. Plus, just because they look like they're paying attention doesn't mean that they are. You can't control the thoughts that go on in their heads. I always think about this when I zone out during faculty meetings!