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Is this coincidental? (dropped student)


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In November, a new student came to my school. Our area was affected by Hurricane Katrina, so we got a lot of new kids when school reopened. He was from another district, so needless to say, we never got records. His first report card was Insufficient because he wasn't with me all of October and half of November. Then, I put him up for speech and the speech therapist calls home to tell her that her child would be coming home with paperwork. The mother got all bent out of shape saying that her son has NEVER been in speech and he doesn't need speech. Meanwhile, the son has said that in his old school, he was in speech. The following day, he did not show up to school. He's been absent 4 days, so I call home and was told (not by the mother) that they moved and are in another school. No one in the household the child was living in knows where they moved to. There are some more things behind the scenes, but that is the jist.

I sincerely hope she did not move him because of that, but usually when kids switch schools, they talk about moving or going to a new school. This child did none of that, I really think the switch was a rash decision.


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If I were you, I wouldn't worry about it too much. You recommending the child for speech and the Insufficient marks on the report card was probably the reason. Most parents don't want to hear that their child has a problem; they're in denial. It may be a blessing in disguise becuase if that child had stayed in your classroom, more might have happened that would have opened up a whole new can of worms for you.



Schools did not expect records when students affected by Katrina entered new systems. When the mom enters the child in the new school she is going to be asked where he went to school. Unless she lies about his attendance the new school is going to ask for records from your school system. I believe that you can note that the child was to be referred for speech and they moved before paperwork was sent home or returned.