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It figures!


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PHOOEY!!!!! This is the first morning this year that there has been a trace of ice on the overpasses and bridges (which everyone here in Louisiana freaks out over) and they have closed them.This would mean a "snow" day for the schools except we are already out for Presidents Day. It Figures!:(


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I'm jealous. While many people have today off, I am here dealing with unruly students. We had a massive snowstorm last Thursday and inservice on Friday so the kids are very wound up today. Wishing I was home...


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Great Minds Think Alike

There was a trace of snow this morning in Virignia. Enough to make my husband's commute into an hour and forty-five minutes. I know they would have cancelled school. BUT IT"S PRESIDENT"S DAY! What a waste of perfectly good snow.

apple annie

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Louisiana winters

Eydie, I feel your pain! I'm in Louisiana, too. Those "snow days " don't come often around here. Bummer it was so poorly timed! My sons are praying for freezing rain tonight...lol.


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No snow in FL

We don't ever get snow days here in Florida! I'm jealous! Some school districts have now worked in "weather days" later in their calendars. If they have to take time off for hurricanes then they go to school on the preplanned "weather days", if they didn't have to take off for hurricanes then they get extra days off.


No heat days

Here in Phoenix, Arizona we never have snow days. School starts in August when it is still 115 degrees. On some heat advisory days, we have to keep the kids in at recess, though. We have not had rain in 125 days! Yikes!


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We had traces of snow too. There were over 60 accidents on one road near my school (I teach in south eastern VA) . But we were already out for President's Day so it didn't matter much anyway. I wish it would've snowed harder. I could do with an extra day off.


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Floridians almost always get hurricane days! We in S. GA do too, but have been blessed to not actually having had any real hurricane destruction (whole lotta rain). Sometimes we get flood days off if it just rains and rains for days on end (which it sometimes does). I live in a swampland and eventually some people have to move to higher ground and the buses can't get through.

Hurricane days aren't as great as snow days because we might have to run for our lives or endure flooding, wind damage, power outages. Yeah, snow days rule!


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snow days

If it even looks like snow in Maryland we don't have school or its delayed. It's ridiculous how afraid they are to drive here. I'm used to living in MN where we hardly ever got a snow day because if we did, we'd end up having school year round. They need to just keep school on and shorten the year. I'd rather get more time off in the summer because it's too hot here to have school in June.


vp picked us up

I work on an reserve where the teachers are the ones who have to make it into school by car and the kids just walk a few blocks to the school. We couldn't get out of our driveway there was so much snow! The roads were also covered and there was blowing snow everywhere. When we phoned the VP to tell her of our situtation she told us to hang tight and that she would be over to pick us up. Every other school for a hundred miles around was closed but we got the V(I)P treatment and got to work on time and the school remained open. Ahhhh!!!! Oh did I mention it was her first day as principal after the old one resigned the week before. She was trying to make a good impression. I guess we are a bunch of wusses but a snow day would have been a much needed rest.