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It has to be Monday


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This morning I had a student crying from feeling so ill. Parents came and got him and then.. I am walking my class back from gym and here comes child--singing--bringing treats for his sister's b-day. I smiled and said I was glad he'd come back to work-mom tells me he is so ill we are just going to take him to the party with us. No wonder this child rarely has his work, or meets a requirement. Child just grins at me like -ha-ha. You know it is Monday.


too bad

Such a shame that tomorrow that child is going to have sooooooo much work to catch up on from being away that he'll have to miss recess, gym or at least a movie! Too bad! But I'm sure he'll have a lot of sympathy and condolences from you as you head off with the class for fun.

And next time he's ill, he should sit out some more fun events and recesses to catch up, until he decides it's not worth skipping....cause he's essentially skipping. In the last report card I'd give next years teacher a "heads up" with a comment about the habit of missing school and missing assignments.


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They will be sorry

I know how irritating it is to get that "I'm smarter than you!" grin from a kid who knows they are getting away with murder...but look at it this way...that kid will be their problem for life...and if this is the way they are raising him--to fake sick to get out of work...well I hope they enjoy their child bc he will be living at home FOR LIFE! :D