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It must be the week for new students!


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I just got rid of my "evil" child on Friday and today I get a new student. Tradition has it, anyone moving in after the year has started chances are you have your work cut out for you. Well, so far today wasn't too bad. It was when mom came back to pick up this poor child that I realized what I'm in for. She absolutely wreeeeeeecked of booze, and has no means of transportation other than a boyfriend that maybe, might be able to drive if he's not working, and I doubt that she will be able to help him with homework in her condition.:(


may surprise you

Mom may be a problem but this child may be wonderful.
Some children of alcoholic parents thrive on the consistency and predictability of school. I know I did.


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That's so sad

Wow - I hate getting students like that. My heart always goes out to them.

I agree - we've had our office packed with new registrations this week, too. Our grade level has gotten at least 5 new students in the past few weeks.

Miss C

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rerpot cards maybe

It may be because the first quarter is just finished in most places, and report cards have just come out. Maybe. I dunno. Sounds like this kid needs a lot of love. You're sensitive to the need, so it may be that you're the one who can make this kid's days brighter. Ever read anything by Dave Pelzer? He was horribly abused by an alcoholic mother and he talks a lot about school being his safe place. Anyway, happy teaching, and I really hope things work out for you with the new student.


New student

My thoughts are also with the child and it sounds like his coming to your room will be a blessing for him. And look on the bright side, at least you got rid of one that wasn't so good, and can focus more attention to this new one.


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David Pelzer is a must read for teachers.

Yes, I've read his books. They are heart wrenching but you can't put them down. Thanks for the reminder! I think I needed that little wake up call. He does seem like a sweet kid (with his fair share of problems) I hope I can provide that safe place.