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It's a record and not a good one


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I just filled out 11 progress reports! and I only have 22 kids in my class!
My gosh.
I have never ever had so many. I have to say that about 5 of them just aren't trying and are rushing through - but the rest are honest to goodness real live concerns. Like no where near grade level.
I hope I'm just having a tough year!



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progress reports

Sounds like you have your hands full!! I would try having a class meeting and discussing this with the students. You would be surprised what they suggest. I am doing "the daily 5" and the kids love it but they can't participate unless they are cooperative. I also try to give free time at the end of the day for the ones that earn it. Sound like they may have holiday fever.

Have you had parent conferences?

Hope some of these ideas will help, Good luck.


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I am doing daily 5 too!

so what do your kids do if they can't participate?
I think they have holiday fever but several are just so doggone low!
I have had conferences this is midquarter for 2nd quarter and they are still just not making it!
I will have a class meeting after Thanksgiving. That's a good idea.
I know they usually know what they need.

thanks for responding!


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When I really think kids are rushing and not doing their best, I will make them do the assignment again. If there is still remaining time during class, if not with a note to parents. I have the parents sign the paper with the note and return it. It gives them accountability. However, if they are that low the work quality may be reflecting their lack of skill. Could they do something more ability appropriate? It is a lot of work to differentiate, but at least you know whether they are giving their best effort. A class meeting is a good idea. Know that towards Christmas the fever often returns again. Good Luck


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I feel your pain. I have a very low class this year also. In fact, the lowest class I have ever had. I am working with them the best I can, but as we all know, next fall they will be taking "the test". I want to talk with my principal and make him aware of what I am working with, but I know he will not be very helpful. We just reorganized our 2nd grade classes from 5 sections to 4 and that meant I went from 20 kids to 25. No aides, no special services. It is depressing.


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I am differentiating everything

reading, writing, spelling, math.....
I really believe that several are just going through the motions...I have 2 being tested- one for LD and one for BD....
I doubt seriously that either will qualify.
I am hoping I get regenerated over Thanksgiving break. I just feel drained.