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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas


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White Out conditions since 1, family all away for the day except my little nephew (3 yrs old), so he and I spent the day cozy by the fireplace putting up and decorating the tree. Of course now I am left with a big mess to put away, but I have to admit, the most relaxing day I've had in awhile. I needed this stress reliever because all we have done at work is worry, fret, and stew about upcoming state assessment in January. Anybody else decorating today???


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I put my tree up!

I put my tree up today. I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas. I could look at the white lights on my Christmas tree for hours! Happy decorating!

RKM :)


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Not decorating yet

I slept most of the day away. Boy, did I ever need that! I've been staying up way too late trying to get everything done!


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Isn't it great to have some time to do what we want (or what needs to be done around our homes)? I have been cleaning my basement this week. I have pulled up enough stuff to throw away that an entire family could have a great Christmas with just my discards!! It's so sad that I have collected so much stuff that I don't need!
I do feel like I have accomplished a lot though! It's a great feeling!!;)


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I really hadn't thought about decorating until I saw other homes with lights up already. We'll probably plan something next weekend. I love to decorate, but I have to put a lot of time aside for it! :)



I love decorating for Christmas, but I don't like to even start thinking about Christmas until December! If I start getting ready for Christmas directly following Thanskgiving, then for me, Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving anymore! I use my Thanksgiving break for Thanksgiving things. This coming weekend (and up until Christmas!), I will start my shopping for Christmas and my decorating for Christmas will take place this coming weekend and probably the following...I focus on doing a little at a time! Currently over Thanksgiving break, I obviously did a lot of cooking! I have also spent a ton of time with my family which is awesome...movies, board games, baking, reading, etc.


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Christmas Decorations

I love buying them. I love them when they are us but I hate putting them up! Every year I complain but still do it. I don't know why, I am single, don't have any children of my own. My neice loves it though and she is 11 so I do it for her.


I have always waited until Dec. but I decided this year to do it this weekend because it gets so hectic so quickly in Dec. and that is what stresses me. I'll think, no, I'll put it up the first weekend in Dec. Well, by then hunting season is over, hubby is home every weekend, and we start having to go shopping, or do something for his parents, etc. I have to say, this is the first time in years I've been really excited about the Christmas season and it's because I don't have that job hanging over my head and stressing over when I will have the time and energy to do it.


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Christmas Decorations

I put my Christmas decorations last night with the help of friends. My hubby and I invited friends over and we had good food and drinks and decorated listening to Christmas music. It was great fun!