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It's time to say good-bye to the first grade board. :(



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I am so sad tonight.:( We had to close a section of first grade because we are low on numbers. We reduced from four to three. None of us wanted to move to fourth grade (least tenured teacher on fourth so she got moved).

Well, principal called this morning to tell me I was the chosen one to move to fourth grade. I am sad. I love first grade. I never thought I could teach first grade, and here I am 8 years later sad that I'm being moved from one of the loves of my life.

And I'm even more upset because of his reasons for moving me. I am the most competent one, I'm flexible, I'm a superstar teacher, it's good for me to have a variety of experiences and not be "stuck" in one grade level because of what I'd like to do in the future (I plan to eventually leave the classroom and do something else within education-I don't know what though).

I'm sad. There are many good reasons for the change. However, it would be easier to have been told of this change months ago rather than just over a week before we go back. I have 10 days to wrap my head around this before I go back.

Another downside-I LOVE teaching reading and math. Love it. Well, we specialize in fourth grade and I'm teaching science, health, and writing. So not excited about that either. It'd be a little better if it were reading or math.

I've been told I will really enjoy it after I get used to it. I sure hope so because I'm miserable now. I'm mad he didn't choose another first grade teacher. They can't handle the change as well, they are working on their masters degree and a lot of the work is focused on first grade (hello!!! It's not a "masters of first grade degree"!), they are inflexible, they are not as strong.

Grrr...I know I'm a great teacher. But I want to be a great teacher in first grade.

I'll have to come over here once in awhile and get my first grade fix. :(:(


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I wonder if there is a lesson in the "how to be a principal" course that tells you to use a teacher's strengths as reasons to make them change grades. It only ends up sounding like you are being punished for your skills and abilities.

The good thing is that 4th graders are just taller 1st graders. I expect you'll find many ways to weave reading and math into science, health, and writing.

But it still stinks. You have every right to feel angry and betrayed.


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It sure is a bummer, especially so late. What a shock! I will tell you that I taught fourth grade for twenty years before moving to second, and 4th is a great grade to teach. The kids are independent and still love to please their teacher. I wish you the best of luck as you move forward.


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That's rough!

I can't imagine having to do that, especially with ten days before school. I would be so mad. My good friend moved from first to fourth and loved it. She said they still have that sweetness but are so independent. She really enjoyed this grade and stayed in it for the rest of her career. Will you know some of your new kids from first grade? I hope you have a great year.


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I'm sorry

That is so stressful! I don't know if it helps but I taught fourth and the kids are great. I also loved the curriculum in fourth- fun to teach! Health was part of my Science curriculum, but the topics were things the kids wanted to learn about. Good luck!! Let us know how it is going!


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so sad

I am so sad for you. I am really going to miss you in here. I feel that our teaching and behavior management styles are very similar from so many comments made here.

I too have taught 4th grade before. I really did like it while I was there. The kids are fun to joke with and will rise to whatever challenge you give them. I taught both self contained and departmetalized. I liked both for different reasons. I could take credit for my gains and I really got to know the kids when on my own. When on a team there was less planning and less stress but less connected with the kids.

It stinks being the good teacher who gets taken advantage of. Don't be a stranger.


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Bummer. Remember that fourth graders need lots of work in comprehension don't give up reading in lieu of science, teach science through reading! Good luck,