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It's Who You Know

Mrs C

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I was requested for both teachers in a 2nd grade team-teaching class, one for Monday & one for Thursday in the same week (they have opened up the wall between the rooms & both teachers take turns teaching both classes at once is how they work it). On Monday it so happened the other one got sick & she also had a sub. This sub happened to be the office manager's daughter. The office manager is the one who coordinates the building's subs with the sub caller. When I came back on Thursday, the office manager told me I was in 4th grade as she handed me my badge. I said, no I am 2nd grade. She said I put Darling Daughter in there instead. I said why. She said oh because she was already in there on Monday. Ummm...so was I...your point?

Must be nice to be able to get your mommy to shuffle you into any subbing gig you want!


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I guess I could be somewhat guilty of the same thing, Mrs. C. When my mother was hospitalized suddenly two years ago, the school distrcit fast forwarded my approval process (superintendent approved me until the board could) at her principal's request, so I could be in her room for that time.

It's easy to forget schools are very political places.

I'm sorry you got bumped. :(

Mrs C

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Revenge of the Teacher

I almost forgot...the same teacher whose request I was shuffled out of requested me again for a two-day assignment this week...& she made a point of telling the office manager that she DID request me for those two days & she felt really bad that the last time she asked for me, I got moved somewhere else as she would really prefer me to come in for her, so to please make sure her request was honored :)

She was a bit ticked off as she didn't think the office manager should be able to just shuffle a sub somewhere else when a teacher asked for a specific sub, she had tailored her plans thinking I was going to be there, & her co-teacher was disappointed because she was looking forward to having me, so they thought they would nip this nonsense in the bud :)



At one school where I used to sub the aunt (who was the building secretary) of one the subs made sure her niece got all the choice full day assignments. All that was left were called "Shelly's scraps" after the sub who got most of the work. News spread rather quickly not to take any assignments at this school.



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It's REALLY who you know

Not just to get sub assignments but to get interviews, to get recommendations, to get opportunities. 1000 people applied for a School District, among them were veteran teachers and teachers with special degrees. Only 60+ people got interviews. My son's school, in this district hired two new teachers and both of them were related to the Principal. One is cousin and the other is girlfriend of son. I cannot believe the amount of influence/input that "knowing the right person has". Especially if you know a Principal like these two did. Getting a teaching job is getting very cutthroat where there are limited jobs and credentialed teachers subbing because there are no positions available.

Mr. V


Move to Southern California. There are tons of teaching jobs here, especially in the "less privileged" areas, where they really need quality teachers. Unfortunately for those communities the quality teachers tend to move to "more privileged" areas. (Usually not until the districts serving those areas have paid their college loans for them.) :/