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James Patterson



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I LOOOOVVVVEEEE him! The Alex Cross books are my favorite. The women's murder club is pretty good too. Everything else is really good too! You just can't go wrong with my beloved James.


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I started a Patterson book once, but it wasn't my thing. Once I realize it contained magic, I was done. Miracles I can handle, but magic doesn't work for me. I've heard his books vary - any suggestions?


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You must have read the winged children books?? That really isn't based on magic...just human experimentation. Unless there is one I haven't read with magic. The Alex Cross books are based around the life of a Cop/FBI agent. They are a bit gory at times, but SO suspenseful.


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Maximum Ride

I've only read the Maximum Ride series. I loved them. They were fast paced and held my attention throughout. I just bought When the Wind Blows and The Lake House because I was told they deal with similar themes and characters as the Maximum Ride books. I hope they are just as good.


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I've read...

I just finished "Beach Road" - it was great!

Now I am reading "Quickie" - so far so good. I have till next Wednesday to finish it, it was on the express list at the library! I have recently started reading again and love Patterson!


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Kar-- almost all of James Patterson's books are murder mysteries. The only ones that really stray from that theme into the supernatural are the winged children ones and one that for some reason included vampires.

My favorites are definitely the Alex Cross books. The new one should be out soon (if not already). I'm a little behind on Patterson books; the last one I read was "The Quickie". I haven't gotten "You've Been Warned" yet. He just puts them out too quickly-- my wallet can't keep up, and sadly neither does my library.

For fans who haven't seen this-- James Patterson does have a children's book called "Santa Kid" that's really cute for this time of year!


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I can't believe that...

no one has mentioned Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas! It's the BIGGEST tear jerker EVER! You gotta read it!


Patterson Fan

Love his books

His books are terrific. They are the kind of books that you can't put down. Any of the books in the Alex Cross series are phenonmenal. There are actually two movies out, Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls, they are both based on two of his Alex Cross books. The Women's Murder Club series is wonderful too. Once you start reading these series, you can't wait for the next book to come out.

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I've read all of his and loved all of them.
I like murder mysteries so the Alex Cross and "Murder Club" were great. The Maximum Ride series were great because I like unusual stories too.


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love him

I love all his books except the winged children. That is just stupid to me, but everyone to his own. I like the Alex Cross books and the women's murder club. I don't like the tv series at all. (thought I would)


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Love Them!!

I have read EVERY SINGLE one of his books. I am not a big fan of the Maximum series but I still read them.

Start off with Roses are Red then read the sequel Violets are Blue. SOOO GOOD!! I promise!

I am so sad. James just came out with a book on Tuesday and I am half way through it. I am a teacher.. I have NO time to read but I cannot put his books down once I start!


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I've read his women's murder club series. They're extremely quick-paced and make good beach reads.


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he's the best

I love his books. they are such quick reads. i love the quick short chapters. I remember reading my first book..kiss the girls, my husband was out of town and it was soooo scary that i had to stop reading it until he came back home.
I love the alex cross books. I love knowing the characters and it continuing. I try and foster the love of series to my class to spark the interest too. I always use him as a speech to kids to find that author's style you love and go with it. Not that they would know him but sharing a personal love of reading.
I hate to buy them because i finish it so fast that it is a waste of money...


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I agree

I love James Patterson, Alex Cross is my favorite and I heard that when they make the next movie they are going to look for someone other then Morgan Freeman to play Alex which in my opionion was NOT Alex Cross.