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Does anyone have any suggestions for blue jeans that don't cost a fortune? I am a big girl and have just about worn my only pair of jeans to a frazzle. I found them at TJ Maxx, but haven't found any others there. I also have the problem of a small waist and big hips and thighs. A friend of mine just bought a pair of jeans she loves- Joes Jeans honey booty fit. I looked them up online and they cost $158!! I just don't want to spend that kind of cash. Hopefully someone has some suggestions.


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I like jeans with lycra. I have been well-trousered by KMart more so than by Wal-Mart. I got a nice pair at Belk too with lotsa lycra! I'd advise going to your favorite purveyor of denim and try some on! I would have a problem paying more than 50 bucks for a pair of jeans too--I would prefer to pay less than 30!


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I've never bought clothes on Ebay, but I know several who have. I did a search and saw 8 listings for joes jeans honey booty fit. Six listings are at a starting price of $50. If you just search for joes jeans you get much more listed.


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I have the same problem with a small waist and big hips and thighs. I found a pair that fits great at CJ Banks. They fit so well that I bought another pair. I got one pair on sale for $20 and the other pair for $35. they have just a small area of elastic on each side of the waist so it fits my small waist better.

cincy teacher

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lane bryant

I, too, am a big girl. I always have luck with jeans at Lane Bryant. They recently had a sale on their jeans. I don't know if you have a Kohls in your area, but I have had lots of luck with their jeans.
I agree $158 for jeans is not in my budget!


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Old Navy

Old Navy has a great selection of jeans and clothes for those of us with a little more of us to love... if you get my drift. Try Oldnavy.com.


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Gap- Long and Lean

I know the name of the jeans seems misleading, but they really help me, a fellow "hippy-thigh" girl. I am 5' 10" tall and pear-shaped. I have a small waist, but bulky hips and thighs. These jeans are awesome! They have a bit of lycra in them, so they move with my legs, instead of cutting off my circulation. They even have them in khaki and black so I can wear them to school. I don't know if you're tall or not, but I believe they come in regular lengths as well. I hope this helps!

Happy Shopping! :)


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I like Blue Cult jeans. They're expensive, but you can find them on ebay for cheap. They even have Buttlifter jeans that are designed to stop the gap that forms when you do have a little extra "junk in the trunk"!


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Thank you!

I can't tell you what a lift I got this morning when I checked my post and saw the replies! So nice to know I am not alone.....I am going to go shop as soon as I can!

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I have the opposite problem you have . . . small hips and thighs and a larger waist. Women's sizes don't tend to fit me well because they're too large in the seat when I get them to fit the waist. :rolleyes:

I like LEI jeans and plus-sized juniors clothes . . . more stores are carrying those. I did, however, find a pair of jeans at Old Navy that I really love! They carry misses sizes to 20 and women's sizes from 14-24 (maybe 26) at some stores and online.

I like New York & Company jeans as well. They go to size 18.

The last ones I tried on at Lane Bryant were $97 . . . and they looked worn out already. Geez. . . most of my wardrobe is from Lane Bryant, but I can't imagine paying for worn out jeans.


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Try Walmart

I had great luck with Just My Size jeans at Walmart. They have a little stretch in them and they are so comfortable.


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I like Express and Gap jeans. I also love the Long and Lean ones that a previous poster mentioned. I am so sick of jeans/pants being too short for my long legs! I don't mind paying a little extra $ if they fit good and are comfortable. You can't beat a great fitting pair of jeans that make you feel good about yourself. But $158 is way too much! Good luck with your shopping!


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I have a love/hate relationship with them!

I also love the ones that have a little bit of "stretch" in them.

I've had very good luck with SOME styles of Tommy Hilfiger (about $35 from the outlet store). Most recently, the Kauffmans near us was going out of business and I tried on every kind of jeans imaginable. I got a pair of DKNY jeans (normally $50, I got them for $2) and they are WONDERFUL! I tried on one pair, bought them, bought another pair (i THOUGHT they were exactly the same) and they don't fit at all..argh!

Make sure that you try on several different pairs and sizes, because sizes never seem to be consistent for me in pants!



You can find designer clothes at Ross, but you won't have to pay designer prices. I bought a pair of Levi's that fit just where I needed the room- hips and thighs that stretch. They are so comfortable. I love my jeans from Walmart - Faded Glory - XL Average or Petite...they come in colors[Spanish Red, green, marroon, purple, brown, black, taupe, white, beige, red, blue and black jean denim style] and corduroy[green, brown, gray, black, winter white/beige, baby blue]. They all stretch. Just my size also has jeans/and colored pants like Faded Glory.
Ross and Marshall's/Mega Marshall's for shoes & clothes are the best - they have sizes/prices for everyone - baby to adults [ just like Walmart]. I like TJ Max for jewelry[ sterling silver, gold, turquoise, etc.]. If you don't find what you're looking for in the closet to you, take a road trip - you'll find your treasure.
Another place: Second time around shops - Bauble & Beads- you can find designer clothes that someone wore once and took it to the resale shops.
For really wonderful finds - Goodwill stores - I found a real mink stole for $10.00 - nothing was wrong with it, and 3 leather jackets in good shape($7 -10.00 each]...you can find jeans in all these shops. The designer jeans that cost someone $158.00 will cost you less than the price of gas.


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I just bought a pair of LL Bean's wide leg jeans - they are made of lightweight denim and come in several different colors. I really like the way they look.


great jeans for big hips

At the Gap they have the CURVY Line- retail $58
worth it- I LOVE THEM-do far I have 2 pair-
Also I dry them on LOW - did u know that most jeans shrink?
I have wasted so much money:-( But not any more with CURVY.
If you go on www.oprah.com
she has a mini segment on her web site on JEANS- that's how I discovered the CURVY.