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Jehovah Witness in Class


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I have Jehovah Witness and I need some holiday ideas or winter ideas I can do that doesn't focus necessarily on a specific holiday. I do know I'm allowed to give a gift but just not in Christmas wrapping. Any Ideas? I teach 1st

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check with parents

Check with your student's parents-most snowman and gingerbread activities should be fine. Also do you have to adjust your whole curriculum for one child? While you don't want him or her left out of everything you should still do Hannuakkah, Christmas, and Kwanza for the others in your class. Ask parents to send some materials and books for their child to work on if the class project is not appropriate. Leave participation up to the child. Perhaps your school librarian will allow the child to work in the library if parents don't want him or her in the room when holiday stuff is going on. If you have a holiday party make sure the parents know in advance so they can pick their child up early that day or not send him/her to school at all.


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I have the same

I have one boy who is a Jehova's witness and he is not allowed to celebrate the holidays with us. I talked to his father and he explained that they understand that they can't hide their children from the rest of the world. They just won't join in the celebrations. I want to respect this as much as I want to respect the rest of the children. I told him we would be learning about celebrations around the world, and I explained that I am not teaching religion. I begin each unit with, "Some people believe _______________." The father seemed okay with it. I have never had a family ask me to withhold the whole class from celebrating any holiday. I do, however, tone it down a bit and focus more on the world's celebrations rather than Christmas. I also do a lot of snowmen activities.
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I agree with gingerbread activities. I had a JW child last year and she really enjoyed, as well as the rest of the class, the gingerbread activities. We also did snow, winter things. We did do some Christmas related activities, too, though. I don't think its right for the rest of the class to miss out because of one child. She just went to the library during those times.


thankyou for your reasonedkindness

Hello I am one of Jehovahs witnesses. Just a quick thankyou for your very appreciated efforts when it comes to accomodating witness children during the holiday seasons. Schoolo teachers have sooo much to do, and just reading the few quotes above made me appreciate hard working teachers even more. Thanks much!