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Jeopardy on Pluto TV


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There are some pretty old shows on this station. Alex's first show has aired. It has been fascinating to see the progression in the show. The very old ones had much less money on the board, I think it is half of today's shows. The board was not "digitized" either. The pace of the show was much slower, there were generally multiple clues left on the board.

Do you remember when the contestants walked onto the stage. In some they walked across the stage in others they walked in closer to the where the third contestant stands. One season the champion stood at the podium farthest away from Alex. Contestants did not have to wait for the entire clue to be read. I have enjoyed the episodes I have watched.


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I've watched Jeopardy since I was a young girl. It's always been a family thing! I've been watching it on Pluto TV and love it! I'm so glad I can watch it anytime I want!


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Fan girling here

I'd love to see that. For some reason, I recall having clues left on the board. I'll need to check in on Pluto TV.

Miss Binney

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I was hoping the Wheel of Fortune channel would have some older ones from my childhood. The ones where contestants used their money to buy prizes... does anyone else remember that? So far all the episodes I've seen on have been 2016 and later.


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I was so excited when I read your post. I was the show and I hoped I would be able to watch and prove to my dd that I was once young, cute and smart. But they only have one episode from my season


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Wheel of Fortune & prizes
I remember that. As I recall there were three ‘rooms’ of prizes and they only choose from one. One of the prizes in one room was always a huge dog statue that became something of a joke (I recall it being chosen only once).