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Job Application Essay



I'm applying for an elementary teaching position in a particular district, but am kinda stumped as to what to write in the essay portion of their application. Here's what they ask...

Our subscribe to the belief that teachers should plan their lessons around the concepts of rigor, relevance, and relationships/respect. How do you ensure that teaching and learning in your classroom is rigorous (uniformly-high academic standards for all students), relevant (challenging and connected to real-world applications), and reflective of respectful relationships (respect and trust between teacher and learner)? Please include specific strategies from your teaching experiences.

One thing I plan to talk about is how teacher's and students must have a trusting relationship based on respecting one another. In the beginning of the year when setting the environment and rules for the classroom, it is important to allow students to have imput in setting their classroom rules as well as for students to have imput in their learning (asking questions, talking about what they like to learn about, what they know about a particular topic,etc). Real - world application is made in every lesson taught because as a teacher I always explain why a lesson is important for student's to learn about and what the subject they are learning about has to do with the real world. The behavior guidelines will be consistant and students will always know what they are going to learn (by having a written schedule posted in the classroom) which will allow students to feel secure and confident as learners. I will set high academic standards for each child and will expect nothing but the best from each child. However, if a child is having difficulty grasping a concept I will provide one-on-one or small-group instruction for that child so that they can succeed.

So far, this is all I can think of saying for this essay. It's not in it's final form. Anyone have any suggestions about what I wrote and anything to add? Any imput would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!


application essay


I have the exact same question on an application and I was a little bit stumped too.....just wondering how your final form came out?